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About Us

Life is a Journey of Joy and this my journey of making unique and custom items out of leather and other natural materials that inspire me to create and reinterpret the beauty around me.
What started as a way for me to pay for a Douala in my quest for a natural, healing childbirth, has blossomed into an opportunity to outlet my need to be creative, while still being able to stay home with my son (and soon to be other little as well). Journey of Joy Creations is the birth of my journey incorporating things that are so dear to me- the creativity God has blessed me with, the opportunity to continue working with my loving, supportive husband, my awesomely fulfilling role as stay at home mother, and enjoying a simple life way back in the beautiful woods outside of the very tiny town of Channing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The materials I source to work with are a combination of interesting exotic leathers from around the world and things found or inspired by the nature around me. Rocks, leaves, feathers, driftwood, rain, trees, my garden, my chickens, my son playing in the mud. Anything and everything inspires!
Welcome to my journey!